Thomas Datt in Oakland!!

Saturday, July 16th, 2005

Thomas Datt came over from NYC to DJ last night at The Noodle Factory in Oakland and holy shit he blew me away! He played a bunch of his tracks (beautiful!) and the rest of his set was just so melodic. Oakland may suck in general, but he made part of the city glow last night. :D

I got to chat with him a few times before and during his set which was cool as hell. How many DJs / music producers do you know that walk around the dance floor at shows/parties/raves talking with their fans? Not many..

I've looked up to Thomas (and many other music producers) for a long time, so to finally be able to meet him in person was pretty incredible. Yeah, so what if I'm "star-struck"? :P~

We even got a picture taken of Thomas and me on the dance floor (during his set even -- he mixed in Swing 2 Harmony then ran out from behind the DJ booth onto the floor to dance, haha!), which is now posted with the event pictures at .. here's a link to the whole album! I'm glad this picture came out ok =)

And damn you Aaron for not making your way down from Boise for this and bringing vinyls for him to sign! =) Your loss tho! We'll catch him again, I'm sure.

I hope Thomas enjoys 1015 when he DJs in San Francisco on August 27. He's going to be spinning at the club his idol (Paul van Dyk) spins at whenever he comes to the bay area (a REAL venue!). How fucking cool is that?! Hopefully he'll come back more often because I really had a good time. If any of you are in the area that weekend, I suggest stopping by 1015 to see him spin!

Track of the night? 2v2!!!! (even if I DID jinx him with it :P )

Come back soon, Thomas.
- Ryan

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